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In cooperation with Echo Foundation, STINAPA is organizing the annual lora (parrot) count. The goal of the annual roost count is twofold: 1) to make the most accurate and reliable estimate of the number of wild loras on Bonaire; and 2) to help develop, promote or continue the involvement of the community in the conservation of the loras.

By knowing approximately how many parrots are on the island, we can determine how the population is doing. Information that has been gathered over the years suggests that the number of parrots on Bonaire is increasing. This is a good thing considering in most other places where they live, their numbers are declining!

Because the loras do not always stay in the same site to roost, it is best to count them all at the same time, hence the reason why the annual count is performed on one morning in the year. Counters need to be present at their roost site prior to sunrise in order to not disturb the animals to be counted there.

More details will follow soon.