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STINAPA donates the book ‘The Adventures of Shark Stanley and Friends’ to the Public Library

STINAPA donates children’s book in three languages to the Public Library. This book is part of the ‘Save our Sharks’ campaign which will run for three years.

STINAPA, in collaboration with nature conservation partners on all six island of the Dutch Caribbean as well as Holland, is executing the Save our Sharks campaign over the next three years. Part of this campaign includes an educational program for the sixth grade of all elementary schools on Bonaire.
Last week STINAPA started with the education program in schools and donated books in Papiamentu, Dutch or English to the schools.
The original version of the book, ‘The Adventures of Shark Stanley and Friends’, was written in English and translated to Dutch, “De Avonturen van Shark Stanley en Vrienden” and Papiamentu, “E aventuranan di Stanley Tribon i su amigunan”. The children’s book is about 5 shark friends who embark on a journey filled with adventure, fun and danger. They are on a mission to protect the oceans and need help with this…..and you can help them!
Pew Charitable Trusts funded the translations and printing of the books in both languages.

STINAPA donated the book in all three languages to the Public Library, so every child interested in reading about Shark Stanley will have access to the books.

The Save our Sharks campaign is an initiative of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) with funds of the Nationale Postcode Loterij.