STINAPA Junior Ranger Graduation 2016

On Friday evening June 24th, 31 STINAPA Junior Rangers were awarded their certificates

Youngsters with heart for nature came together twice a week for the entire schoolyear to learn about nature and also have fun with their peers. All this culminated on Friday evening June 24th when certificates stating all their achievements and their new ranks were awarded.

It was a very nice evening where the Junior Rangers demonstrated their public speaking skills and other abilities, leaving even their leader Desiree Croes flabbergasted. Commissioner Mrs. Rolanda Hellburg-Makaai gave out the certificates.

Graduating Junior Rangers 2016

  1. Dinendra Winklaar (Neetje) – Kadet             17.   Sharlino Martijn -Trooper
  2. Tanisha Egbreghts –                       Kadet               18. Jonathan Pikerie-Trooper    
  3. Brandon Schreider –                     Kadet                19. Elohim Winklaar -Trooper
  4. Alexis Crestian –                  Kadet                20. Gideon Cecilia – Deputy 1
  5. Rodion Martes –                 Kadet                         21. Tom Veldman – Deputy 2
  6. Judarli Welvaart             Kadet                        22. Tom Lensink – Deupty 2
  7. Elijah Piar –                      Kadet                       23.       Meghan Velandia- Deputy2
  8. Richard van der Wal –    Kadet                       24. Joshua Pedersen- Deputy2
  9. Saffrass Samad                        Kadet          25.       Jarno Ottens – Captain
  10. Kelly Schrijver                           Trooper      26.       Julia Martinus – Captain
  11. Allysa Wijnand                           Trooper      27.       Aiesha Fernando- Captain
  12. Senna Bougie                             Trooper      28.       Ryan Augusta-Commander
  13. Oscar Etmon                              Trooper                  29. Dayron Mackay- “
  14. Sebastiaan Schöndorfer       Trooper             30. Niyandrew Pourier- “
  15. Marein Eitze –                           Trooper     31. Rayen Seraus 2nd “
  1. Lars Damhof – Trooper        

The STINAPA Junior Rangers are an example for the Caribbean Region. STINAPA and Junior Rangers are getting invitations from countries in the region with the request to help set up a similar program.

Desiree Croes, STINAPA Coordinator for the department of nature and environmental education said during her speech that the program is based on 3 important principals: Motivation, a common goal and support from the community. According to Desiree, especially that last part is very important for the program. Without support from volunteers and businesses in our community the program would never have become succesful.

These are the people that contributed to the Junior Rangers program:

The volunteers: Suzi Swijgert, Monalisa Domacasse, Kevin & Sue O’Brien, Diana Gevers, Kim White, Danielle Noeken, Bette Eitze, Sabine Engel, Paulo Bertuol, Chris Ball, Robin Wiesse, Pat & Bruce Davies, Johan van Blerk i Luigi Eijbrecht.

Companies and other organizations that in an outstanding way contributed to the program are: Cargill NV, Echo Foundation, VIP Diving, Dive Friends, CIEE research center, Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, Coral Reef Restoration Bonaire, Jong Bonaire, Raynel Cicilia (Ray Production), Theo Knevel (CRESSI) i Proyekto Stormvogel.

Companies and foundations that support the program: Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, Mangrove & Info Center, Gooodive, Carib Inn, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, Dive Bonaire, Multi Post, Alfa & Omega, Rent-O-Fun, Great Adventures Dive Shop.