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Bat Presentation and Cave Visit

STINAPA Bat Presentation and Cave Visit

On Saturday November 5th, over 30 people joined the Bat Presentation lead by STINAPA staff and volunteers to the Barcadera Caves.

Bats play an important role on Bonaire. Certain species, like the Curaçaoan Long-nosed Bat, are the main pollinators of cacti like Kadushi. Other insect-eating species of bats help control mosquito populations.

After learning about which bat species are found on Bonaire, how bats use echolocation to hunt, and how they care for their young, the group visited the caves to see first hand how local bat populations are monitored.

STINAPA researchers and volunteers have tagged over 4,000 bats on Bonaire! These bats have been recaptured on Aruba, Curaçao and even Venezuela.

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