Lac Bay

This shallow bay along the south-eastern coast of Bonaire is home to a fringing coral reef, seagrass beds, mangrove forest and sandy beaches.

Lac Bay is internationally recognized as a Ramsar site and Important Bird Area.  Lac bay is ecologically, culturally and economically important to the island.

Ecologically Lac Bay has garnered international recognition as a Ramsar site and Important Bird Area.  Bird watchers to the area are almost guaranteed to be greeted by colorful flamingos, high soring magnificent frigatebirds and plunging brown pelicans. Underwater, in addition to providing critical foraging and nursery grounds for many of the coral reef fish, Lac Bay is a favorite foraging ground for green sea turtles and the iconic queen conch.  This bay is also home to the largest mangrove forest throughout the entire Dutch Caribbean.

Culturally the island has had a long history with fishing, of which can still be seen today.  Local fishermen can still be seen around the bay, whether its handline fishing in the middle or bait fishing along the edge.  The large piles of conch shells found along the north pay tribute to previous conch harvest, a practice which is prohibited today.  In more recent history, Bonaire has gained recognition for its importance in watersports, particularly windsurfing.  There is no better place to watch windsurfers practice than across the emerald blue waters of Cai.  The sheltered bay and landward winds give the perfect spot for individuals to practice, no matter your level.

This brings us to Lac Bay’s economic value.  The picturesque bay brings nearly every visitor to the eastern side of the island.  Whether its to grab a drink or quick bite to eat at one few restaurants, to explore the mangroves through a kayaking tour, dive along the fringing reef in hopes to find one of the visiting manta rays or to race across the surface windsurfing, everyone finds a reason to visit.



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Lac Pa Semper

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