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Oceanfront Owners

Oceanfront owners information

Beaches on Bonaire are typically made up from coral rumble and white limestone sand. Making
changes to the beach in front of your property is only allowed in some cases and always only after
issuance of a Nature permit by OLB and under supervision of STINAPA Bonaire National Marine Park
(BNMP). Corals and other living creatures growing in the sea may pose a nuisance when entering the water.
However, Bonaire is known for its protection of corals since 1978. Corals of Bonaire are of worldwide
importance and are all protected, damaging or removing them is not only a shame but is also
punishable with fines up to $50.000 . Removing anything dead or alive from BNMP is illegal. We
kindly request all beachfront owners to help us protect life in the BNMP.

Construction, repair or renovation of structures such as ladders, piers, overhanging decks, pools,
walls and renovation or placement of both existing and new structures in on, over or in close
proximity of the sea around Bonaire is only allowed after issuance of one or several permits.
To obtain permission please visit the Directie Ruimte en Ontwikkeling (DRO) office at Kaya Amsterdam,
the websites of OLB http://bonairegov.com/pa/content/formulario-pa-petishon-pa-permit, and this website of RCN

STINAPA BNMP must always be informed prior to commencing renovations or construction of such
structures. Not doing so will result in construction stops and or fines.

Unsustainable shoreline construction practices are known to be in the top 3 of threats to Caribbean
reefs, therefore strict rules and regulations are in place to make sure that shoreline construction is
having the least possible impact on our reefs.

STINAPA is there for you to help in advising how to prevent unnecessary damage.

Business as a provider of services or activities in the BNMP such as scuba diving, snorkeling or boat
rental is only allowed with a nature permit. This permit can only be obtained by applying at OLB
through the office of DRO.

Anchoring is not allowed, unless by fishermen using a stone anchor in combination with a small boat
up to 7m. For bigger boats we provide a field of public use moorings (yellow buoys) which can be
used by any boat up to 42ft for 2hours. For privately owned and or commercial yachts we also
deploy and rent out private moorings.

Fishing with hook and line, nets, by boat and from shore is allowed when using traditional methods.
Spearfishing is not allowed at all, unless when targeting the invasive lionfish and with the specific ELF
tool provided on request and after certification by STINAPA.

To contact or inform STINAPA:
During weekly office hours between 8am and 4pm
call +599 7178444 or send a message to info (@)stinapa.org
For reports on illegal practices outside office hours
call +599 7868444 or send a message to marinepark(@)stinapa.org