Coral is climate. Coral is work. Coral is biodiversity. – Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation


Coral is climate. Coral is work. Coral is biodiversity.

Coral is climate. Coral is work. Coral is biodiversity.

During their working visit to Bonaire state secretaries Knops from BZK and Van Ark from SZW received a briefing and guided tour in the Bonaire National Marine Park. Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of I&W was unable to attend and was represented by her colleague Knops.

The visit was organized by WWF and STINAPA, the independent institution that manages the entire coast of Bonaire, which is a marine protected area, on behalf of the local government (OLB).

Caren Ekrich, team leader marine biology of STINAPA and Arjen de Wolff, general manager, told the Hague delegation about the great importance of the coral reefs of Bonaire for employment on the island, but also about the function of the coral as natural defense against the consequences of climate change that impact many Caribbean islands.

Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands and therefore the central government has a number of direct responsibilities on the island, particularly in relation to nature management, nature conservation, climate change, and the environment.

Bonaire’s nature and environment are the engines of the economy and proper conservation, which STINAPA has been doing in good cooperation with the local government for 50 years, ensures the economic independence of the island. WWF and STINAPA therefore asked the ministers to pay attention to the need for investments in nature and the environment, sustainability, water quality, coral protection, applied research, and reforestation.

The hope is that The Hague will start work on a good environmental policy plan, nature management and recovery plans, and will also release the necessary resources for this. The official status of National Park, the position of the independent management body STINAPA and the good cooperation between STINAPA and the OLB provide a good foundation for this.

WWF finances a number of projects in the Dutch Caribbean and supports STINAPA in the promotion of expertise and institutional development. WWF and STINAPA also continue to work together on influencing policy in The Hague.

Arjen de Wolff presented Kirsten Schuijt (WWF director), State Secretary Raymond Knops and Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen with an adopted coral reef, restored by Reef Renewal Bonaire, to symbolically bring attention to the shared responsibility for the conservation of coral reef.

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