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School Calendar

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Field activities

Each year, during the months January through June, STINAPA invites all Bonaire primary schools to participate in several field activities. These activities are designed to bring children in touch with nature and thus enable them to better understand Bonaire’s ecosystems. There are ten (10) different outdoor activities:

  • Lora Path
  • Animal Path
  • Wheel of nature
  • Beach Combing
  • Rocky kust
  • Coastal life
  • Animal shelter
  • Donkey sanctuary
  • Bird watching
  • Tree planting Festival

The “Lora Path”, “Animal Shelter”, “Wheel of Nature”,“ and “Donkey sanctuary” activities are for children from 4 to 7 years old. These activities teach children about the island’s climate, trees, birds, insects, donkeys, and unusual animals that can be found in nature. “Donkey Sanctuary “ is a very special activity because it gives children the opportunity to learn about the origin of the Donkey on the island and their effect on Bonaire’s nature. They also learn about the dangers for wild donkeys on the island. At the Animal Shelter, the children learn to care for pets. This is also an important activity for small children that stimulates empathy for house pets at an early age.

“Beach Combing”, “Rocky Coast” and “Coastal life” are activities that target children between the ages 8 to 12. The activities help children better understand how pollution impacts the island’s coastal areas: specifically, how waste from other parts of the world that washes ashore threatens certain aspects of the island’s ecosystem. When participating in these activities, the children learn about:

  • The rules and regulations of the Bonaire National Marine Park
  • The types of fauna and flora found on the coast
  • The importance of keeping Bonaire’s beaches free of litter
  • The importance of coral reefs
  • Which animals are protected by law, and why
  • Bonaire’s sea and shore bird species, and what their migratory habits are
  • Seaweed, including its origin, different species and habitat