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We face many complex challenges when it comes to a clean and healthy oceans, but one problem is simple to understand: Trash.

Trash on our coasts and in our oceans creates huge problems. Not only for our health and local economy, but also the health of the creatures that live in these eco-systems. In short, trash in the water:

  • compromises the health of humans, wildlife and the livelihoods that depend on a healthy ocean;
  • threatens tourism and recreation, and the critical dollars they add to our local economies;
  • complicates shipping and transportation by causing navigation hazards; and
  • generates steep bills for retrieval and removal.

Unfortunately, what we see dirtying beaches and floating on the ocean’s surface is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more lies unseen beneath the surface and far away on the open water — but that doesn’t make it any less important.

We need your help to keep millions of pounds of trash from our oceans – your everyday choices can help keep it clean.

The little cap of a bottle,  the wrapping paper of a piece of candy, a discarde cigaret butt all this seems like nothing but gathering all of this together will have a dramatic effect.

Every day, again and again, large amounts of plastic wash ashore and give the impression that the people of Bonaire just dump their trash anywhere. However, most of the trash on the coast drifts to our coast with ocean currents from countries in the region or from very far away like Africa.

STINAPA regularly organizes cleanups with volunteers and clean up huge amounts of trash. Do you want to help? Go grab a plastic bag yourself and start collecting bits and pieces of trash from the beach. Also keep an eye on the event calendar of STINAPA.  We regularly organize clean up events and your help is more than welcome.

Coastal Clean Up