Turtuganan di Boneiru

The snorkel program, “Turtuganan di Boneiru” (Bonaire Turtles) allows participants to learn about Bonaire’s marine life (fish, coral, mangrove) and the importance of Bonaire Marine National Park.

Turtuganan di Boneiru runs over 3 weeks with weekly classroom and outdoor sessions. The program is developed for after school care in Bonaire. The after school care can sign up for Turtuganan di Boneiru with a group of  5 to 10 children between the age of 8 to 12 years.


Children need to be able to swim (no diploma required, but they need to show they can swim before snorkeling).


Each child receives a ‘Turtuganan di Boneiru’ certificate at the end after active participation

Week 1

  • Theory: Program introduction and turtle lecture
  • Activity: Swim test, snorkel induction and look at fishes


Week 2

  • Theory: Bonaire coral reefs
  • Activity: Snorkel investigating corals and fish


Week 3

  • Theory: Mangroves of Lac Bay
  • Activity: Mangrove kayak or snorkel


If you have any questions, or wish to sign up, please email nme@stinapa.org

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