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STINAPA Anniversary Event World Wetlands Day!

 On Saturday February 2nd, from 9 am to 11 am at Lac Cai, STINAPA celebrates World Wetlands Day with a morning filled with fun activities.

February 2nd celebrates World Wetlands Day. Wetlands are important wildlife areas that may include several different ecosystems, such as mangrove forests, seagrass beds, saliñas,  coral reefs nurseries. 
Bonaire has many wetlands, one of which is Lac Bay, our beautiful, mangrove area on the east coast, which gives shelter to many marine creatures, as well as varied bird species, some of whom use Lac as a stopover as the migrate from pole to pole.

STINAPA’s anniversary event at Lac Cai will have information stands on Karko (Queen Conch), mangroves, sea grass and birds. Join us for a kayaking tour along the mangroves, plant some mangrove seeds with the Mangrove Maniacs, watch our migratory birds with STINAPA biologists, join the STINAPA Junior Rangers for a fun mangrove snorkel, or hop on the small boat to look through the bathyscope and try to find turtles or sea stars!

Kids games, face painting and beach cleanups are also part of the program, so join us for a few hours and learn all about Bonaire’s wetlands!

Everyone is welcome, all activities are free of charge. See you there!