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Fishing net at Bachelor’s Beach

A lot of people (even fishermen) anxious about fishing net at Bachelors Beach.

STINAPA received several anxious phone calls from people who were concerned (even fishermen) about the fishing net which was put out at Bachelor’s Beach. Fishing with these types of casting and dragging nets is not against the law.
To dispel all doubts, STINAPA decided to take action and checked the net inside and out on illegalities. Marine park rangers assisted the fishermen in removing the net from the coral as to not cause further damage.

The owners of the net were briefed by the STINAPA Chief Ranger on the following issues they should pay attention to:

• At all times someone must be present at the net.
• Every two hours someone must take a swim round the net to make sure there are no turtles tangled in the net.
• If a turtle is stuck in the net then it must be untangled immediately and released.
• If a turtle or other protected species dies in the net, the net will be confiscated by the STINAPA Bonaire National Marine Park rangers.
STINAPA is very concerned about these type of nets that can cause considerable harm to nature.

The law specifies that at the big piers in Playa it is not allowed to put out a net and also not in front of the marina’s at Plaza Resort and Harbour Village.

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