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Flamingo nests discovered beyond Pekelmeer

STINAPA staff discovered flamingo nests and chicks during monitoring efforst for the Caribbean Waterbird Census.

During the past few weeks has STINAPA staff participated in an international Caribbean survey (Caribbean Waterbird Census) on waterfowl. This was done in collaboration with the Birds Caribbean organisation. These counts were done in addition to the normal monitoring by STINAPA of which the waterfowl census is part of. STINAPA surveys regularly in the salt marshes of the Washington Park.

During bird counts that have taken place in late January and early February, nice discoveries were made. Flamingos are back in large numbers at Gotomeer, where 1587 were counted. Flamingo nests and chicks were also discovered in one of the salt marshes of the Washington Park. This is very valuable information for STINAPA because until recently flamingos were only building nests at the Pekelmeer. STINAPA will continue to monitor the nests and chicks at the new location.

Paulo Bertuol, STINAPA biologist, noted that taxi drivers and tourist guides are very well behaved around the Gotomeer. They let the tourists take pictures from the car or the bus so the flamingos are not disturbed. They respect the nature. This makes the flamingos come closer making it possible to take beautiful pictures.

STINAPA requests everyone to observe flamingos from a suitable distance and not approach them, as flamingo’s frighten easily and they may not come back to an area when disturbed.

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