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Fun filled Shark week

STINAPA’s Shark Week in Bonaire was a fun-filled week with a variety of activities geared toward many different audiences.

The week began with an invasive lionfish hunt followed by information about sharks and free goat soup at Kas di Regatta and Kanti Awa Snack. Junior Rangers dressed in shark outfits surveyed the public to find out what people think about sharks in Bonaire and throughout the world.
During the week shark presentations were given at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino and at Captain Don’s Habitat and people learned about the importance of sharks to our coral reefs and the peril that sharks are in worldwide. STINAPA staff organized shark programs and games at after school program Jong Bonaire every day during the week. Free film night showed the movie ‘Shark Water’, a documentary about the threats that sharks are facing in today’s world and how this affects our oceans and our livelihoods.
The last event of Bonaire’s shark week was a shark extravaganza at Wilhelmina Plein next to El Mundo. There were informative displays, shark games and prizes geared towards children, a shark photo prop, a coloring table, an opportunity to paint on a shark mural, and you could also get a temporary shark tattoo.
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