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Graduation STINAPA Junior Rangers

Graduation STINAPA Junior Rangers
On Friday, June 26th at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, the graduation ceremony took place for the STINAPA Junior Rangers. For a whole school year, the youngsters have their time 2 days per week devoted to the program.
Desiree Croes, coordinator of the Nature and Environmental Education Department of STINAPA, is the one , for the last four years, responsible for the execution of this program. A grand total of 38 young people between the ages 12 to 21, during the school year, faithfully spent their time learning about nature and have also voluntarily undertaken various activities. Every Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning, full of enthusiasm and energy, the youth came together. Not only to learn but also to have a lot of fun together.
These young people not only learn about the nature and environment of our island, but also get the chance to show their capacity as leaders and learn to respectfully listen to the opinion of another, even if you disagree.
Lt. Governor Edison Rijna presented the certificates to the Junior Rangers.
After this Desiree dedicated some words of motivation and encouragement to the Junior Rangers and their parents. Desiree said that anything you would like to achieve in your life you have to work for it. She also said that with support of parents that encourage, push and talk to their kids, can make the kids achieve anything.
There were certificate of appreciation for businesses and volunteers that contributed to the program and for the first time this year a Junior Ranger Award was given to Ellen Muller for beautiful underwater photography of tiny sea creatures and for Luigi Eybrecht for his international achievement as a nature ambassador recognized by the Jane Goodal Foundation. Both of them put Bonaire on the worldmap.
Desiree thanked everyone who contributed to the program in one way or another

Everyone who received a certificate of appreciation
Cargill – For their financial support
Michael & Berrit Pement
Dive Friends Staff i personal – For teaching the youngsters to dive
Dive Divi Flamingo – For lending of dive equipment and also guide on boatdives.
GoooDive Bonaire – For teaching Lionfish hunting
VIP Diving
Carib Inn
For their support to the STINAPA Junior Ranger Program
Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, Sea Turtle Conservation,
Sabine Engel, Kevin O’Brian, Echo Foundation. CIEE Bonaire, Mangrove Center, Irene Da Cunda, Volunteers of the program
Suzy Swijgert, Pamela Werdath, Tjerk Reintjes, Danielle Noeken, Dedrich & Ulf Pederson, Paulo & Elise Bertuol, MonaLisa Domacasse, Pat & Bruce Davies, Kevin & Sue O’Brian.

Junior Rangers 2015
Elijah Piar
Rosa Rijna
Emma Van Wijngaarden
Neetje Winklaar
Bo Van der Kouwen
Tanisha Egbrechts
Cassidy van den Heuvel
Giullaume Janga

Ivan Rijna
Elohim Winklaar
Lars Damhof
Marijn Eitze – rookie of the year
Alyssa Wijnand – rookie of the year
Sharlino Felido
Syon Balentin
Jonathan Pikeri
Senna Bougie
Oscar Etmon
Gabriel Sweers
Kelly Schrijvers
Sebastiaan Schondorfer

Meghan Velandia
Diane Werdath*
Knut Pedersen
Tom Lensink
Tom Veldman

Aisha Fernando
Brandon Fernando
Julia Martinus
Maria Fernanda
Yavis Chirino
Joshua Pedersen

Jarno Ottens

Dayron Mackay
Ryan Augusta
Niyandrew Pourier

Zack Janga
Ryan Seraus