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Great Backyard Bird Count Bonaire

Last weekend was the worldwide Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) . Birds were also counted in Bonaire.

STINAPA organized three different activities for this event. There was a lecture explaining about the Great Backyard Bird Count, a demonstration bird count in the backyard of The Cadushi Distillery and a bird tour at LVV / Sewage Works.

In the garden of The Cadushi Distellery there were 14 different species of birds . The visitors took a lot of photos of the “Yellow-shouldered Amazones” and the “Yellow Orioles’. A total of 25 people attended the tour at LVV/Sewage water plant. Participants saw the “Pied Water Tyrant”, a small black-and-white bird that doesn’t sit still and is very rare in the Caribbean.

AT the SGB last Monday during a biology class a bird count was done as well.

Bared-Eyed Pigeon & Lora

In the United States, birdwatching / birding is the fastest growing hobby. Among the residents and tourist on Bonaire, STINAPA noticed a growth in interests and entusiasm for birding as well. From a tourism perspective, it would be a good idea to promote Bonaire broadly as a natural island, where you can Scuba dive and snorkel, but also where you can see many birds. STINAPA wants to help to develop this policy.

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