High Flying Park Opened at Washington Park – Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation


High Flying Park Opened at Washington Park

On the 18th of December a “High Flying Park” was inaugurated at the entrance of the Washington Slagbaai National Park. This High Flying Park is a special space where visitors can sit and relax enjoying the view under the shadow of trees in groups or with family.

High Flying parks is a name given to popular spaces made by community members that live in the same area or neighborhoods. Young community members would create their own recreational spots, mostly under large trees and using empty spaces in nature. The original idea was to re-use material to build the High Flying Park. The youth and older people came together to socialize playing chess or dominos.

The Washington Slagbaai park management intend to create High Flying parks in different areas of the park to attract visitors to enjoy nature in various ways.

The first park was named after ‘Mo Lonshi’, who was the last supervisor of the first Washington plantation. Plans in 2018 are to install a snackshop with the first High Flying park at the entrance. You are invited to visit and see for yourselves, as group or family, come on excursion to Washington Park!