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Lagun Cleanup

by OLB Bonaire – The government partnered with STINAPA last week in conducting a major cleanup around Lagun. A total of thirty-five truckloads (155 tonnes) of seaweed, plastic and wood was transported to the landfill.
The reason for this effort was the large amount of Sargassum seaweed that drifted into the bay. The rotting seaweed on the beach caused a stench for miles around. Many marine animals died as a result of the rotting process that removes oxygen from the water. Lagun and Lac are the only bays on Bonaire with mangrove forests. There are small beaches between the mangroves.The cleanup targeted both the mangroves and beaches. The seaweed is now cleared from that area. The cleaning staff also took this opportunity to remove a lot of floating debris, which consists mainly of wood and plastic.The government and STINAPA thank Selibon NV for their participation in the project.

The government calls on the residents and visitors of Bonaire to participate in keeping our nature clean. If all beachgoers pick up some trash found at our beaches, the environment remains cleaner than you found it.

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