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Movie STINAPA Junior Rangers explore Saba

Last year during the Easter holiday, 5 young people supervised by three adults traveled to Saba, (among them the Junior Ranger group leader Ms. Desiree Croes of STINAPA’s Department of Natural and Environmental Education). The purpose of this trip was to exchange and share knowledge and expertise in the area of nature and also to create awareness and pride among young people of Saba for their own natural environment.
Merel Notten of Pajaro Negro Production filmed all the activities, from the start of the trip to Saba in Bonaire to the introduction to Saba’s nature organized by Saba Conservation Foundation (equivalent to STINAPA).

Last week on Tuesday March 24th a viewing was organized for the STINAPA Junior Rangers and their parents. The movie titled Junior Rangers Explore Saba has a duration of 30 minutes. The movie was very well received by all Junior Rangers and their parents.
You could clearly notice that the STINAPA Junior Rangers left a very good impression behind in Saba. Comments made about Bonaire’s youth by adults were: “We are impressed by their knowledge …. they are very disciplined ……. their behavior is exemplary.”

The movie “Junior Rangers Explore Saba” will be on NOStv for the general public on Tuesday April 7th at 8pm, immediately after their news bulletin.
STINAPA Bonaire and the Junior Rangers are grateful for the support and funding received from UNEP – SPAW/RAC – CaMPAM and we hope to keep working together for education purposes in benefit of the protected Marine Areas – which also depend on the terrestrial knowledge and management for a healthy coexistence.