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Nature Fee 2019

New tariffs for Bonaire’s national parks

Kralendijk, 28 February 2019 – After an overlap period for a smooth transition, the 2019 individual nature fees and entry prices for Bonaire’s national parks are now effective as from the first of March.

For users of Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) the round dive tag fee is $ 45 and the square nature fee $ 25 per calendar year. 
In Washington Slagbaai National Park (WSNP) a new fee of $ 3 is due for entry to the Visitor Center. For further use of the park, prices range from free entry to $ 15 or $ 40 per day, or $ 20 or $ 45 per calendar year. Prior purchase of the round dive tag or square nature tag entitles to discount. WSNP has different fees for visitors from Aruba, Curaçao, Sint-Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. For Bonairian residents separate fees apply for both BNMP and WSNP.

STINAPA communicates the new tariffs to all hospitality providers, dive schools and other activity centers on Bonaire. They are also listed at the STINAPA head office and the entrance of WSNP, as well as on the website (see also below image for new fees).

The entrance fees for the two national parks are the main funding for sustainable management and protection of Bonaire’s nature treasures, on land and in the sea. Therefore, the purchase of the round dive tag (SCUBA diving) and square nature tag (all other water activities) is required by law: Island Resolution Marine Park 2010 paragraph II article 2.

The high nature values of our island are not only our natural, but also our economic capital. Visitors from all over the world come to Bonaire for its unique and varied nature.

STINAPA works for the best possible nature experience. With the raise in tariffs, STINAPA will be enabled to considerably extend its key services.


Background information to the 2019 tariff structure can be found at

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