Lac Pa Semper

The Lac Pa Semper project is funded by the European Union, executed by Expertise France, and will be implemented by Stinapa, OLB and Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire. This initiative combines two projects, one to support effective sargassum management and the other which is a part of a larger Resilience, Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity (RESEMBID) Programme.

This project receives funding from the Caribbean OCTs Resilience, Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity Programme (RESEMBID), and is financed by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, the development cooperation agency of France.

The Lac Pa Semper project comprises of five main objectives, which will be further explored below:


Restoring Marine Habitats

A sustainable, resilient Lac Bay will be built on the back of its invaluable marine habitats.  This is why restoring both coral and seagrass habitats will be an important aspect of this project.  To kick off the project, the first coral nursery for Lac Bay was installed, and the plan is to propagate at least 400 new coral fragments to be outplanted in the future.

In addition, native seagrass Thalassia testudinum will be transplanted to areas of sediment instability and will be protected in areas with high visitation.


Sargassum Management

Since 2015, sargassum has been an significant issue for Bonaire. Although naturally occurring in small amounts, when large influxes arrive to the beaches it can build up, suffocating near shore and beach life. If left in place, the sargassum will begin to decompose, creating an environment unfit for plant, animal or human life.

In 2022, Public Entity Bonaire committed funds to support STINAPA’s effort to remove sargassum faster and more effective. With the new Sargassum Management Plan in place, STINAPA will be able to better remove the sargassum before it has a chance to decompose.


Sustainable Recreation

Lac Bay is one a top recreational destination for both residents and visitors alike.  Therefore ensuring its sustainable use is critical to keep the bay healthy and vibrant for years to come.

Promoting sustainable recreation within the bay will include improved signage to keep all users informed, as well as increased communications through social media and local news outlets.


Enforcing Regulations

Starting in September 2022, there has been daily presence of the rangers in the bay.  These rangers have been helping to implement the project through patrolling, aiding in habitat restoration activities, and interacting directly with the public.  Furthermore, rangers have been receiving specialized training both as special agents of the police as well as in the flora and fauna of Lac.


Improve Water Quality

During this project two assessments will be conducted to establish baseline data on the water quality of Lac Bay. These assessments will look at the specific water conditions, as well as the impacts of sargassum and untreated wastewater on the overall water quality.

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