Research & Monitoring

Successful management of nature areas is dependent on good legislation and governance, monitoring of resources, and sustainable development. Stinapa conducts a wide variety of research and monitoring projects to provide decision makers with adequate information to protect the unique environments on Bonaire

Current Projects

Washington Slagbaai Park

Proyekto parke bunita

Ecological restoration Washington Slagbaai Park (Proyekto parke bunita/goat project) à this includes the goat removal, but also population surveys on goats, bird monitoring, and vegetation monitoring

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Marine Park

Lionfish monitoring program

Lionfish were first spotted off the coast of Bonaire in 2009.  Since then, Stinapa has been hard at work to track, monitor and control this invasive species.  Luckily, with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, lionfish populations growth to a minimum within the recreational dive limits.

Marine Park

Water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring (light and temperature, nutrients, and hopefully soon also organic pollutants).

Corals thrive in clear, healthy waters. As coastal waters become contaminated we see an overall decline in coral cover, bleaching severity and increase in coral diseases. Monitoring the water quality can give STINAPA the information they need to act fast, building reef resilience and ensuring the water is safe for all users.

Lac Bay

Lac Pa Semper

This new initiative will include seagrass and coral restoration, water quality monitoring and improved enforcement capabilities.  Rangers will now be present daily at Lac to carry out the many activities we need to implement to ensure the success of this project.

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