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Bonaire is home to a wide range of ecosystems and numerous plants and animals with a special conservation interest.  The lively fringing coral reefs, the waving beds of seagrass, the crystal clear bays, the forests of mangroves, the colorful saliñas and the tropical dry forests make this island treasured by its local people and nature lovers around the world. In addition, this tiny Caribbean island features five internationally recognized wetland areas that are under the protection of the Ramsar convention. STINAPA Bonaire is mandated by the Island Government of Bonaire to manage the two national parks of Bonaire.

Successful management of nature areas is dependent on good legislation and governance, monitoring of resources, and sustainable development.

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Data Collection

Volunteers, researchers and scientists do a lot of field observations. Including these data into a global digital system creates a powerful tool for conservation, research, policy, experience and education. A nature resource that STINAPA recommends is, a practical and useful website where field observers around the world may record and share their plant and animal sightings. Reliable and detailed sighting information in one, accessible site is very useful to tourists, tour-guides, educators and scientists. Anyone may register for free and begin adding their own sightings. To find out more about sightings in Bonaire or to register and add your own sightings, click the following link.