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Flamingo Rescue Guide

Number to call (if the first is unavailable, work down the list)

  • FKK Contact: 7808020
  • Dierenberscherming Contact: 7967000
  • STINAPA Contact: 777-2018/787-0984           

When does a flamingo need to be rescued?

If the flamingo flies away when you approach, it does not need to be rescued.

If it does not fly away, or only flies a few feet away and looks exhausted, it most likely needs to be rescued (unless it is a very young flamingo in a safe place (Cargill, Gotomeer). Young flamingos cannot find the right food in the mangroves or in Sorobon.

Info to be collected:

When you call, give the following info:

  • Exact location of flamingo: approximate distances north/south of certain landmarks/dive site
  • Color of bird – juvenile/adult?
  • Time you first noticed the bird.
  • Behavior of the bird.
  • Other obvious problems (broken wing, exhausted, wrapped in line, etc.)
  • If possible, stay with the flamingo until help arrives, but do not approach, take pictures, make noise near the bird or talk to the bird.