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Junior Ranger Program

STINAPA started this pilot program in 2009 and now the program consists of 35 teenagers. The Junior Rangers are in weekly training to learn more about the fragile planet earth system. They receive lessons and dive ethics to protect Bonaire’s valuable natural resources and are trained to be the Nature Ambassadors from Bonaire to the world. This group can motivate other islands and parks to build their own Junior Ranger program so in time we can exchange knowledge and create peer to peer communication to influence each other in the most positive way. They become leaders and role models for other youngsters and teenagers with a focus to protect our home: their future. The objective of this program is to create awareness about Nature and Environmental issues and also to create leadership and the ability to do live presentations about the important issues of Nature protection.

Junior Rangers Explore

(An educational television series)

In order to spread the good work of the Junior Rangers, in particular their behavior and growing knowledge about our natural environment, we are continuing production of short television programs for broadcast on the local television stations. This will reach the general Bonaire population and inform them of the activities of the Junior Rangers with the aim to positively influence audience behavior.

The episodes will be short, about 5 – 10 minutes each, and they will feature 2 junior rangers who will explore a certain topic. Through their exploration, they will discover and learn many things about nature and the environment on Bonaire and we as viewers will discover with them. Each episode will feature an ‘expert’, a fisherman, teacher, marine biologist, business owner etc., who will provide the information the Junior Rangers are after. Additionally, each episode will include an ‘action’ element, where the Junior Rangers point out what we as viewers can do to improve our environment (such as waste separation, recycling and so on).

The Junior Rangers are fully involved in deciding on the various topics, making the process an intense learning experience for them. Throughout the making of these programs, they will be trained in leadership and presentation skills. A new generation of individuals, with those properties and experiences, have the tools to responsibly manage our environment in the future.