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Archaeological & Geological History

Seru Grandi

Bonaire has a diverse archaeological and geological history ranging from Amerindian caves, Spanish shipwrecks, lasting evidence of ancient tsunamis and hurricanes, and fascinating basaltic (volcanic) bedrock and limestone terraces.


2014_Engel et al_Holocene sea levels of Bonaire (Leeward Antilles) and tectonic implications
Keywords: Local relative sea level, Bonaire, Southern Caribbean, Mangrove peat, Holocene stratigraphy, Vibracoring

2013_Giry et al_Control of Caribbean surface hydrology during the mid- to late Holocene: insights from monthly resolved coral records
Keywords: Holocene, sea surface hydrology, hydrological cycles, oxygen isotope composition, climatology

2013_Engel et al_Holocene tsunamis in the southern Caribbean: Evidence from stratigraphic archives and the coarse-clast record
Keywords: Palaeotsunami, Bonaire, Tsunami vs. Storm deposit, Hazard assessment

2013_Urbani et al_Petrography of Exostic Clasts in the Soebi Blanco Formation, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
Keywords: Conglomerate, Foreign pebbles, Paleocene, Eocene

2012_Engel et al_ A prehistoric tsunami induced long-lasting ecosystem changes on a semi-arid tropical island—the case of Boka Bartol (Bonaire, Leeward Antilles)
Keywords: Palaeotsunamis, Caribbean Sea, Tsunami vs. storm deposits, Coastal evolution, Hazard assessment, Foraminifera, Ostracoda

2012_Engel_The chronology of prehistoric high-energy wave events (tropical cyclones, tsunamis) in the southern Caribbean and their impact on coastal geo-ecosystems – a case study from Bonaire (Leeward Antilles)
Keywords: Tropical cyclone, tsunami, geology, prehistoric

2012_Engel et al_Shoreline changes and high-energy wave impacts at the leeward coast of Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Keywords: Washover deposits, tropical cyclones, hurricanes, tsunamis, Holocene, stratigraphy, coastal hazards, environmental change, Caribbean

2009_Spiske and Jaffe_ Sedimentology and hydrodynamic implications of a coarse-grained hurricane sequence in a carbonate reef setting
Keywords: Hurricane Lenny, Sedimentology, Hurricane deposit, Hydrodynamics

2008_Sheffers et al_Tsunamis, hurricanes, the demise of coral reefs and shifts in prehistoric human populations in the Caribbean
Keywords: Natural disasters, coral reefs, tsumani, storm deposits, hurricanes, prehistoric Amerindian populations

2008_Spiske et al_The role of porosity in discriminating between tsunami and hurricane emplacement of boulders — A case study from the Lesser Antilles, southern Caribbean
Keywords: boulder deposits, tsunami, hurricane, wave heights, porosity, bulk density

2005_Freitas et al_Landscape Ecological Vegetation Map of the Island of Bonaire (Southern Caribbean)
Keywords: Vegetation types, Habitats, Terrestial, climate, geology, soil types, saliñas, anthropogenic effects

2006_Haviser & Strecker_Rock Art of Latin America & the Caribbean: Zone 2. Caribbean Area and north-coastal South America
Keywords: prehistoric Amerindian populations, Ceramic age, Rock art

2006_Scheffers & Scheffers_Documentation of the Impact of Hurricane Ivan on the Coastline of Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
Keywords: Hurricane damage, tropical cyclone, Hurricane Ivan, corals, documentation, boulder transport, storm ridges, sediment movement, Holocene

2005_Freitas et al_Landscape Ecological Vegetation Map of the Island of Bonaire (Southern Caribbean)
Keywords: Vegetation types, Habitats, Terrestrial, Soil types

1990_Haviser_Perforated Prehistoric Ornaments Of Curaçao And Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
Keywords: Ceramic beads, prehistoric Amerindian populations, Ceramic age

1933_Pijpers_Geology and Paleontology of Bonaire
Keywords: Geological formations, Paleontology, Techtonics, Hydrology, Eocene, Quaternary, Porphyritic quartz hornblende diorite