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Bird Monitoring & Research

Black-necked Stilt

Bonaire is home to a vast array of seabirds, shorebirds, wading and terrestrial birds. Some are migratory and come to the island seasonally, while others are resident species. Bonaire has five Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance and six Important Bird Areas.


Important Bird Areas Map Bonaire

2018_ Frank F. Rivera-Milán, Fernando Simal, Paulo Bertuol and G. Scott Boomer_Population monitoring and modelling of yellow-shouldered parrot on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.
Keywords: Yellow-shouldered parrot, Amazona barbadensis rothschildi, monitoring, conservation, population

2015_Rivera-Milán et al_Distance sampling survey and abundance estimation of the critically endangered Grenada Dove (Leptotila wellsi)
Keywords: Leptotila wellsi, deforestation, disturbance, management, Grenada, STINAPA

2015_Verweij et al_Indicators on the status and trends of ecosystems in the Dutch Caribbean: Indicators, monitoring and assessment methods and capacity estimates
Keywords: Caribbean Netherlands, monitoring, nature, biodiversity, ecosystems, species, treaties

2013_Geelhoed et al_Important Bird Areas in the Caribbean Netherlands
Keywords: IBA, Management, Birds, Coverage

2013_Slijkerman et al_Saliña Goto and reduced flamingo abundance since 2010: Ecological and ecotoxicological research
Keywords: Environmental toxicology, Petrochemical fire, Phoenicopterus ruber, PFCs, PAH, Ecological disturbance

2013_Debrot et al_Bird communities of contrasting semi-natural habitats of Lac Bay, Bonaire, during the fall migration season, 2011
Keywords: Subhabitats, Birds, Lac Bay, Mangroves, Saliña, Woodland, Evergreen , Deciduous

2012_Smith_Preliminary inventory of key terrestrial nature values of Bonaire
Keywords: Flora, Fauna, Vegetation types, Habitats, Terrestrial, Reptiles, Birds, Bats, Fresh water species, Trees, Mangroves, Cacti, STINAPA

2012_Rivera-Milán & Simal_Distance Sampling Surveys of Yellow-shouldered Parrots (Amazona barbadensis rothschildi) on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Keywords: Yellow-shouldered Amazon, Lora, Distance Sampling, Bird monitoring, STINAPA

2012_Rivera-Milán et al_Population Surveys of the Yellow-shouldered Parrot (Amazona barbadensis rothschildi) on Bonaire in March and October 2010−2012
Keywords: Yellow-shouldered Amazon, Lora, Population survey, Bird monitoring, STINAPA

2012_Sekeris_The Yellow-shouldered Amazon
Keywords: Yellow-shouldered Amazon, Lora, PVA, Feral livestock, Poaching, Recovery

2010_Debrot et al_Lac Bonaire Restoration Action Spear Points
Keywords: IBA, RAMSAR, Restoration, Management

2010_Debrot et al_Assessment of Ramsar site Lac Bonaire – June 2010
Keywords: Water quality, Recreation, Human impacts, Seagrass, Mangroves, Coral reefs, Habitats, Marine, RAMSAR, Birds

2010_Rivera-Milán & Simal_Density and Abundance of Yellow-shouldered Parrots (Amazona barbadensis rothchildi) and Brown-throated Parakeets (Aratinga pertinax xanthogenius) on Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
Keywords: Yellow-shouldered Amazon, Lora, Bird monitoring, STINAPA

2010_Simal & Rivera-Milán_A Manual for the Landbird Monitoring Program of STINAPA Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
Keywords: Landbirds, Manual, Bird monitoring, STINAPA

2010_Simal et al_Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster) Monitoring Program
Keywords: Sula leucogaster, Brown Booby, Bird monitoring, STINAPA

2009_Simal_Monitoring Program for Waterbirds Inhabiting the Saliñas of Northwest Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
Keywords: Bird monitoring, Saliñas, Bonaire, STINAPA

2009_Simal_Brown Booby Monitoring Program
Keywords: Sula leucogaster, Brown Booby, Bird monitoring, STINAPA

2008_Simal_Brown Booby Monitoring Program
Keywords: Sula leucogaster, Brown Booby, Bird monitoring, STINAPA

2008_Freitas_Rare plant species, establishment of exclosures and recommendations for a monitoring program in the Washington-Slagbaai Park (Bonaire)
Keywords: rare plants, goat grazing, feral livestock, exclosures, birds, habitat types

2008_Nijman_Conservation status of Caribbean coot Fulica caribaea in the Netherlands Antilles and other parts of the Caribbean
Keywords: Caribbean coot, Conservation status, Fulica americana, Hybridisation, Restricted-range species, Waterbirds

2003_Prins et al_First Specimen Record of the Barn Owl Tyto alba in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
Keywords: Barn owl, First record, Tyto alba

2002_Debrot et al_ Seabird Nesting on Curaçao and Bonaire, 2002
Keywords: Seabirds, Laughing gull, Royal tern, Cayenne Tern, Common Tern, Antillean tern, Conservation assessment