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Ecosystem Services & Economics

Bonaire is renowned for its natural that are valuable aesthetically, economically, and culturally. A variety of research has been done to evaluate the economic and societal benefits of these areas.

2015_van Beek_Structure and financing of nature management costs in Caribbean Netherlands
Keywords: park management, enforcement, conventions, budget, sustainable financing

2013_ van der Lely et al_The total economic value of nature on Bonaire: Exploring the future with an ecological-economic simulation model
Keywords: economic valuation, ecosystem services, terrestrial, marine, sewage treatment, conservation, restoration, Total Economic Value, stakeholder engagement

2013_TEEB Caribbean Netherlands_The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity on Bonaire: Recreational and cultural value of Bonaire’s nature
Keywords: Willingness-to-pay, choice modeling, residents, ecosystem threats, environmental management

2013_TEEB Caribbean Netherlands_The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity on Bonaire: Fishery value of coral reefs in Bonaire
Keywords: Choice modeling, market valuation, fisheries value map, commercial fishing, recreational fishing, net factor income approach

2013_TEEB Caribbean Netherlands_The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity on Bonaire: The value of citizens in the Netherlands for nature in the Caribbean
Keywords: Willingness-to-pay, nature conservation, island-mainland, nature value, environmental protection

2012_Shep et al_The tourism value of nature on Bonaire: Using choice modelling and value mapping
Keywords: Tourism, Choice experiment, Demographics, Expenditures, Activities

2012_Shep et al_The fishery value of coral reefs in Bonaire- Applying various valuation techniques
Keywords: Commercial fishing, Recreational fishing, Subsistence fishing. Consumer surplus, Ecosystem services

2012_Debrot et al_Baseline survey of anthropogenic pressures for the Lac Bay ecosystem, Bonaire
Keywords: marine tourism, business operating, recreation, ecological impact, man-made litter, fishing, mangroves, seagrass

2012_van Beukering_The non-use value of nature in the Netherlands and the Caribbean Netherlands: Applying and comparing contingent valuation and choice modeling approaches
Keywords: choice experiment, contingent valuation, demographics, consumer confidence, user buy-in, willingness-to-pay

2012_eds. van Beukering and Wolfs_Student essays on economic values of nature or Bonaire: A desk study
Keywords: Value, Art, Research, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Carbon sequestration, Pollination by bats, Water quality, Amenities, Cultural value, Cruise ships

2012_Lacle et al_Recreational and cultural value of Bonaire’s nature to its Inhabitants – 1 of 2
Keywords: choice modeling, ecosystem services, feral livestock, fisheries, public beaches, terrestrial recreation, marine recreation, local use, tourism, Willingness-to-pay

2012_van Zanten and van Beukering_Coastal Protection Services or coral reefs in Bonaire: Economic values and spatial maps
Keywords: coastal protection value, value maps, ecosystem services, buffer, coast

2011_Wentink & Wulfsen_Recreational and land use survey for Lac Bay Bonaire
Keywords: management, marine tourism, demographics, cruise ship tourism, anthropogenic threats, Lac Bay catchment

2011_van Beek_Functional Valuation of Ecosystem Services on Bonaire: An ecological analysis of ecosystem functions provided by coral reefs
Keywords: tourism, ecosystem services, fisheries, provisioning, habitat services, coral reefs, cultural services, function

2010_Uyarra_Charging for Nature: Marine Park Fees and Management from a User Perspective
Keywords: Contingent valuation, Willingness-to-pay, Tourism, Marine protected areas, Bonaire, Caribbean

2010_Debrot & Bugter_ Climate change effects on the biodiversity of the BES islands; Assessment of the possible consequences for the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Dutch Antilles and the options for adaptation measures
Keywords: Caribbean, Climate change adaptation, Biodiversity risk, Ecosystem services

2009_Steneck et al_Status and Trends of Bonaire’s Coral Reefs in 2009 & Need for Immediate Action
Keywords: Reef resilience, herbivorous fish, Echinodermata, coral recruitment, algae, structural complexity, damselfish, predatory fish, Fish Protected Areas, bleaching, macroalgae, ocean acidification, diver impact, economics, STINAPA

2005_Uyarra et al_Island-specific preferences of tourists for environmental features: implications of climate change for tourism-dependent states
Keywords: Caribbean, climate change, coral bleaching, environmental management, sea level rise, tourism

2003_Abel_Understanding Complex Human Ecosystems: The Case of Ecotourism on Bonaire
Keywords: sociocultural services, socioeconomic structure, production subsystems, energy memory

1993_Dixon et al_Ecology and Microeconomics as Joint Products- The Bonaire Marine Park in the Caribbean
Keywords: conservation, tourism, joint products, marine protected areas, dive tourism, ecological benefits, socio-economics, cost-benefits map