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Introduced & Invasive Species

Lion Fish: the new curse of the reefs

STINAPA, visiting scientists and the local government work to monitor and manage introduced and invasive flora and fauna, both in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Examples of STINAPA species management include the Lionfish Control Project, monitoring invasive seagrass in Lac Bay and fence exclosures to keep feral livestock (goats, pigs and donkeys) out of WSNP.


2012_Debrot_Baseline surveys of Lac Bay benthic and fish communities, Bonaire
Keywords: fish nursery, benthos, invasive seagrass, habitat structure, mangrove

2012_van der Berg et al_Naturalized and invasive alien plant species in the Caribbean Netherlands-status, distribution, threats, priorities and recommendations
Keywords: Invasive species, Exotic, Plants, Management, Human impacts, Terrestrial, Habitat types

2012_van Buurt and Debrot_Exotic and invasive terrestrial and freshwater animal species in the Dutch Caribbean
Keywords: Exotic species, Species, Terrestrial, Freshwater

2011_Debrot_A status report of nature policy development and implementation in the Dutch Caribbean over the last 10 years and recommendations towards the Nature Policy Plan 2012-2017
Keywords: nature management, policies, conservation issues, climate change, invasive species, marine pollution, feral livestock

2011_Debrot et al_Preliminary overview of exotic and invasive marine species in the Dutch Caribbean
Keywords: documented species, invasive marine species, exotic species, watch list, lionfish, seagrass, fibropapilloma, coral disease

2010_Debrot & Bugter_ Climate change effects on the biodiversity of the BES islands; Assessment of the possible consequences for the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Dutch Antilles and the options for adaptation measures
Keywords: Caribbean, Climate change adaptation, Biodiversity risk, Ecosystem services

Feral Livestock

2015_Geurts_The abundance of feral livestock in the Washington Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire
Keywords: population assessment, feral livestock, goats, pigs, donkeys, management, control, Opuntia, cactus, STINAPA

2015_Coolen_The impact of feral goat herbivory on the vegetation of Bonaire: An experimental study in the Washington-Slagbaai National
Keywords: feral livestock, impact assessment, STINAPA

2013_Freitas & Rojer_New plant records for Bonaire and the Dutch Caribbean islands
Keywords: Bonaire, deleterious effects, Dutch Caribbean, flora, introduced animals, new additions, rare plant species, feral livestock

2008_Freitas_Rare plant species, establishment of exclosures and recommendations for a monitoring program in the Washington-Slagbaai Park (Bonaire)
Keywords: rare plants, goat grazing, feral livestock, exclosures, birds, habitat types

2003_Miller et al_A Survey of Butterflies from Aruba and Bonaire and New Records for Curaçao
Keywords: Lepidoptera, diversity, island-island comparison, deforestation, habitat depletion, feral livestock

Invasive Seagrass

2016_Tussenbroek et al_Non-native seagrass Halophila stipulacea forms dense mats under eutrophic conditions in the Caribbean
Keywords: Halophila, Nitrogen, Sediment, Thalassia

2014_van Bussel_Invasive Seagrass-Mega-Herbivore Interactions: a study on the invasion of seagrass Halophila stipulacea in a Southern Caribbean lagoon affected by C. mydas grazing
Keywords: Halophila, Chelonia mydas, colonization rate, grazing, Lac Bay, STCB, STINAPA

2014_Becking et al_Proximate response of fish, conch, and sea turtles to the presence of the invasive seagrass Halophila stipulacea in Bonaire
Keywords: HalophilaThalassiaStrombus gigas, Chelonia mydas, proximate response, grazing, seagrass beds, conch, fish assemblages, Chelonia mydas,STINAPA

2013_Eckrich and Engel_Coral overgrowth by an encrusting red alga (Ramicrusta sp.): a threat to Caribbean reefs?
Keywords: Alga, Bonaire, Competition, Encrusting macroalgae, Overgrowth, Peyssonnelia, Peyssonneliaceae, Ramicrusta, Resilience, Coral

2012_Debrot_Baseline surveys of Lac Bay benthic and fish communities, Bonaire
Keywords: fish nursery, benthos, invasive seagrass, habitat structure, mangrove

2010_Eckrich et al_Crustose, calcareous algal bloom (Ramicrusta sp.) overgrowing scleractinian corals, gorgonians, a hydrocoral, sponges, and other algae in Lac Bay, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Keywords: Harmful algal blooms, Lac Bay, Competition, Encrusting macroalgae, Overgrowth, Peyssonnelia, Peyssonneliaceae, Ramicrusta, Resilience, Coral


Lionfish Hunting in Marine Reserve Bonaire

Lionfish Control Project

2016_Malpica-Cruz et al_Management of lionfish through public participation
Keywords: Coral reefs, Fishing tournaments, Invasive species management, Marine invasions, Lionfish

2016_Carballo-Cárdenasa & Tobi _Citizen science regarding invasive lionfish in Dutch Caribbean MPAs: Drivers and barriers to participation
Keywords: Citizen science, Invasive lionfish, Marine protected areas, Motivations, Participation

2013_de Leon et al_ Efficacy of the Lionfish Control Program
Keywords: Spearfishing, Eradication of lionfish, Pterois volitans, Invasive species, Curaçao, Bonaire

2011_Ali_Understanding the Lionfish Invasion in Bonaire to Develop the Best Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago
Keywords: Lionfish, invasive species, prevention, management, control, Bonaire, Trinidad and Tobago

2011_de Leon_Overfishing Works-A comparison on the Effectiveness of Lionfish Control Efforts Between Bonaire and Curaçao
Keywords: Lionfish, invasive species, prevention, management, control, STINAPA

2009_STINAPA_Communication Plan-Lionfish Invasion_ (ENG)
Keywords: management, communication plan, invasive species, lionfish, Pterois

2009_STINAPA_Communicatieplan invasie gewone koraalduivel (NED)
Keywords: koraalduivel, invasie gewone, communicatieplan, Pterois