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Mangroves, Seagrasses & Bays

Lac Bay has extensive mangroves and seagrass beds that are home to a variety of fish, conch, turtles and birds. Mangroves and seagrasses serve as a nursery for a variety of reef fish and help filter water, sediment, pollutants and detritus as it flows from land to the reef.

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Keywords: Connectivity, Nursery, Ontogeny, Dispersal, Herbivore, Coral reef, Parrotfish, Individual based model

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Keywords: fish nursery, benthos, invasive seagrass, habitat structure, mangrove

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Keywords: marine tourism, business operating, recreation, ecological impact, man-made litter, fishing, mangroves, seagrass

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Keywords: Flora, Fauna, Vegetation types, Habitats, Terrestrial, Reptiles, Birds, Bats, Fresh water species, Trees, Mangroves, Cacti, STINAPA

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Keywords: Caribbean, Climate change adaptation, Biodiversity risk, Ecosystem services

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Keywords: Water quality, Recreation, Human impacts, Seagrass, Mangroves, Coral reefs, Habitats, Marine, RAMSAR, Birds

Karko (Conch) Research

2014_What if we change- Conch Restoration in Lac, Bonaire Final Report
Keywords: Conch restoration, Lac Bay, management, STINAPA

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Keywords: Veligers, Currents, Lobatus gigas, Lac Bay

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Keywords: Larval supply, Habitat Requirements, Recruitment, Lobatus gigas, Lac Bay

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Keywords: Conch restoration, Lac Bay, management, STINAPA

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