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Water Quality & Marine Debris

Coastal Clean Up

STINAPA and the local government work together with other researchers to monitor water quality and marine debris accumulation. These studies guide management strategies that improve water quality, such as the development of a sewage treatment plant and public marine debris control activities.

Bonaire Waste water survey report 2021
Keywords: Waste water, Marine Park, Yachts

2014_Debrot et al_Deepwater marine litter densities and composition from submersible video-transects around the ABC-islands, Dutch Caribbean
Keywords: Caribbean, Seafloor, Marine, Deep-water, Debris, Pollution

2014_Slijkerman et al_A baseline water quality assessment of the coastal reefs of Bonaire, Southern Caribbean
Keywords: Tropical marine ecosystems, Caribbean, Nutrients, Eutrophication, Treatment plant, Gadget timed out while loading

2013_Debrot et al_Marine debris in mangroves and on the seabed: Largely-neglected litter problems
Keywords: Marine debris, Lac Bay, Mangroves, STINAPA

2013_Debrot et al_A baseline assessment of beach debris and tar contamination in Bonaire, Southeastern Caribbean
Keywords: Tropical, Caribbean, Marine, Beach, Debris, Pollution

2013_Slijkerman et al_Water quality of the coastal zone of Bonaire Results field monitoring 2011-2013
Keywords: Water quality, coastal urbanization, sewage treatment, eutrophication, nutrients, bacteria, environmentally safe thresholds

2013_de Zwart_Follow-up study on the chemical status of Lake Goto, Bonaire
Keywords: PAH, PFC, Saliñas, ecological damage, BOPEC Fire

2012_Slijkerman et al_Water quality monitoring Bonaire: Identification of indicators, methods and locations
Keywords: Water quality, coastal urbanization, sewage treatment, indicators, nutrient concentrations, stable isotope d15N, chlorophyll a, bacteria, enterococci

2012_Slijkerman et al_Water quality monitoring Bonaire Results monitoring November 2011 and recommendations for future research
Keywords: Water quality, coastal urbanization, sewage treatment, eutrophication, nutrients, bacteria, environmentally safe thresholds, STINAPA

2012_Debrot et al_Baseline survey of anthropogenic pressures for the Lac Bay ecosystem, Bonaire
Keywords: marine tourism, business operating, recreation, ecological impact, man-made litter, fishing, mangroves, seagrass

2011_Slijkerman et al_Eutrophication status of Lac, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Including proposals for measures
Keywords: Coral reefs, Habitats, marine, Lac Bay, eutrophication

2011_IUCN_Coral Reef Resilience Assessment of the Bonaire National Marine Park, Netherlands Antilles
Keywords: Reef resilience, Bonaire, benthic cover, corals, ecological indicators, anthropogenic pressure, marine protected areas, water quality, fishing pressure, coastal development

2010_Physico-Chemical Indicators- Monitoring for Water Quality in the Saliñas of Northwest Bonaire, N.A
Keywords: Keywords: Water quality, Saliñas, Vegetation types, Fauna, STINAPA

2010_Debrot et al_Assessment of Ramsar site Lac Bonaire – June 2010
Keywords: Water quality, Recreation, Human impacts, Seagrass, Mangroves, Coral reefs, Habitats, Marine, RAMSAR, Birds

2007_Wieggers_Impact of Increased Nutrient Input on Coral Reefs on Bonaire and Curacao
Keywords: nutrients, fish stocks, coral cover, algae, nitrogen, phytoplankton, STINAPA