Beach Usage

Swimming, snorkeling and general beach usage

Beach Usage: Rules & Regulations

Welcome to our cherished beaches, a haven for all. To preserve this paradise and ensure safety for everyone – humans and wildlife alike – please follow these rules:

  • Respect Wildlife: Keep your distance from animals, allowing them peace.
  • No Campfires/BBQs: Refrain from fires and BBQs directly on the sand.
  • Trash Responsibility: Bin your trash or take it with you.
  • Kind to Creatures: Do not disturb or feed animals.
  • Reef-Safe Sunscreen: Use sunscreen free of toxic chemicals: (oxybenzone and octinoxate)
  • Leave No Trace: Taking or putting anything in the marine park is prohibited.
  • Mindful Parking: Avoid parking in sandy areas near the beach, park only in the coral rubble. (This is to protect sea life)

Dog Access

Dog Etiquette: Preserving Pristine Beaches

We adore our four-legged friends, yet it’s crucial we respect our delicate ecosystems. Please adhere to these guidelines to maintain the beauty of our beaches and protect the wildlife.

  • Nesting Area Respect: No dog walking in sea turtle nesting zones. Fines of up to $170 may apply.
  • Off-Limits Shores: Dogs are not permitted on these specific beaches. View the map for details.
    • Playa Lechi (Sunset Beach)
    • Playa Lechi Suit (Boulevard)
    • Playa Chachacha
    • Playa pal’i mangel (Donkey’s Beach)
    • Forn’i kalki (Bachelor’s Beach)
    • From Saliňa (salt pier) to Lacre Punt (Willemstoren)
    • Sorobon and Cai
    • Piedra haltu (Thousand Steps)
    • Tolo
    • Klein Bonaire
Map of Prohibited Beaches

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Pay your nature fee

The Stinapa Bonaire nature fee is mandatory for all users of the Bonaire National Marine Park and the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Valid per calendar year JAN-DEC

Pay your nature fee