Smooth Sailing: Boating Etiquette and Rules

Navigating Bonaire’s waters is a privilege we cherish. Please adhere to these guidelines:

  • Mind the Pace:
    • In the Marine Park: Cruise at a maximum of 10 km/hr, preserving the tranquility and ecosystem.
    • Beyond the Park: Outside the Marine Park, your speed can reach 20 km/hr until 12 sea miles from shore.
  • Mooring Fields and Harbors:
    • Slow & Steady: Sail gently through mooring fields, observing a maximum speed of 5 km/hr.
    • Piers: Keep a safe distance when passing through harbors or near piers, ensuring smooth maritime traffic.
  • Mooring Courtesy:
    • 50m Space: Provide ample space; pass at least 50 meters from a boat tethered to a mooring.
    • Anchoring Alert: While prohibited, small traditional fisher boats (not exceeding 4m) may anchor using coral stones.
  • Fisher Boat Awareness:
    • Shared Waters: Be mindful of fisher boats, whether trawling inside or outside the Marine Park. Navigate with caution and consideration.
  • Waterplay Zones:
    • Within & Beyond: Watersports behind the boat are off-limits within the Marine Park. Outside, relish in the adventure, ensuring a 75m distance from shore (in dark blue waters).

Thank you for keeping the water traffic

Don't forget

Pay your nature fee

The Stinapa Bonaire nature fee is mandatory for all users of the Bonaire National Marine Park and the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Valid per calendar year JAN-DEC

Pay your nature fee