Moorings: Rules & Regulations

Discover Bonaire’s maritime marvels from the sea, embracing these rules for a safe and happy voyage:

  • Public Moorings (for public) yellow or blue:
    • Two-Hour Grace: Everyone is allowed to use a public mooring for a maximum time of 2 consecutive hours at a time
    • Boat must be moored using the front of the boat
    • First Come, First Serve: Arrive early for first dibs.
    • Size of boat: One boat allowed over 4m, three boats allowed under 4m.
    • Smooth Sailing: Keep pathways clear; avoid obstructing boat traffic.
    • 13m Max: Mooring supports boats up to 13 meters in length.
  • Private Moorings ( for residents) owner determines type of mooring:
    • Managed by STINAPA, only residents allowed
    • To apply for use: Email at, where you will receive an application form which can be submitted with a copy of a valid sedula and boat registration from the Harbor Office.
    • After submission of a valid application, you will be added to the waitlist. Current wait time is at about 3 years.
    • Maximum boat length of 18m.
  • Overnight Moorings (for visitors) bi-colored mooring:
    • Managed by STINAPA, used by visitors only
    • Before use, register at the Custom Office and Harbor Village Marina.
    • Use is only allowed for the time frame allocated to your visa
    • No commercial activities allowed while using overnight moorings.
    • May not be tied to directly, plus use a tie-on line.
    • No speeding when using a dingy.
    • Maximum boat length of 18m

Seaside Navigators: Always navigate on the seaside of the mooring buoys in the dark blue waters.

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Pay your nature fee

The Stinapa Bonaire nature fee is mandatory for all users of the Bonaire National Marine Park and the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Valid per calendar year JAN-DEC

Pay your nature fee