Sargassum clean up continues on Saturday – Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation


Sargassum clean up continues on Saturday

The enormous efforts cleaning up Bonaire’s eastern coastline is successful so far. But we are far from done yet.

A lot of volunteers reported this morning with all sorts of tools, from rakes and shovels to trucks with loaders. At Lagun they mainly used trucks and loaders today, volunteers are more needed at Kontiki beach.

We kindly request volunteers to report at Kontiki Beach/Foodies at 8.30 am Saturday morning. You can register via the link if you would like to help, or just show up and find a STINAPA staff member. Bring gloves, booties, rakes and a shovel with you if you have it. People with kayaks and windsurf boards are also very welcome. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a hat.

Snacks and drinks are available for volunteers.

See video of all the efforts here:

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