Sargassum clean up Lagun – Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation


Sargassum clean up Lagun

Calling out volunteers – Sargassum clean up Lagun

Once again, the coast of Bonaire is being flooded with drifting seaweed called Sargassum. Lagun is the most affected area for now. Sargassum, when it starts to decompose and rot, leads to serious risks to the natural environment.

STINAPA staff is working hard to control the damage this inflicts, but help is desperately needed.

If you want to volunteer, please bring your own equipment (gloves, rakes, pitchforks, shovels etc), food and beverage and wear protective clothing (no wetsuits). Tomorrow morning from 8am to 11am you are very welcome to give us a helping hand at Lagun.

STINAPA will appreciate any help we get – thank you in advance!

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