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Shark Game Show

Shark Game Show for the STINAPA Junior Rangers

Last week, the fourth edition of the Dutch Caribbean Shark Week took place. Several activities about sharks were organized for the community and schools as well as for the STINAPA Junior Ranger Program.
The Junior Rangers learn a lot about sharks during the year, but during this special Shark Week they had a final lecture about sharks in which, among others, the role sharks have in the marine ecosystem and their importance for coral reefs was explored. This final lecture was to prepare them for the Shark Game Show on Saturday June 16th at Jong Bonaire. A fun team building activity in which they had to answer 33 questions about sharks and rays. The Junior Rangers learned a lot about sharks and have won great prizes! Our gratitude goes to the sponsors; Woodwind, El Mundo, Skyview Bonaire, Digicel, KFC, Eden Beach Resort, La Terrazza Bonaire, Wanna Dive, Rumrunners, Dive Friends Bonaire, Brass Boer, Best Cellars Bonaire, Buddy Dive Resort, Ingridiënts, VIP Diving.