STINAPA Bonaire Open Standards Workshop – Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation


STINAPA Bonaire Open Standards Workshop

STINAPA is working on a 10-day workshop on ‘Open Standards’ for nature conservation together with partners and stakeholders on Bonaire.

Supported by WWF, STINAPA is working diligently for these two weeks to identify the key issues, opportunities and threats that we encounter in our protected areas. Through the Open Standards method we learn how to deal with this, by finding a balance between what is needed to protect nature and how sustainable use can be supported.

All STINAPA employees are involved in the workshop, as well as STINAPA board members; and many partners and actors around us have been invited: the government, nature NGOs, fishermen, companies, tour operators, hotel-and tourism associations, Coral Restoration Foundation, Harbor Master and many others.

STINAPA is looking for clear plans and realistic solutions that are supported by a broad alliance of different people and organizations that have specific knowledge and expertise about the habitats, culture and customs of Bonaire, and all have a share in the national parks of Bonaire.

Working our strategies for reaching conservation targets.

Cooperation and integrated approach are needed, and joint efforts are welcomed on our island to serve our natural resources, our economy and our community.

STINAPA staff and management are grateful for the time and effort that partners and stakeholders put into this important workshop and thus support the objectives and activities of STINAPA.

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