STINAPA launches television series – Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation


STINAPA launches television series

STINAPA produced a series of short videos titled: Junior Rangers Explore. The goal is to inform the Bonairean community about different aspects of our nature and also positively influence the community’s attitude toward our beautiful natural resources.

During the months of November and December 2015, STINAPA will show four short videos on NosTV and Energia Vision. Each video will be on a specific aspect of our nature and will have a duration of approximately five minutes.
In these videos the youth of Bonaire is sharing information about Bonaire’s wildlife in order to highlight the importance of the different aspects of our nature.
The topics of the videos are Bats, Migratory Birds,Coral Reef and Sea Turtles.
The videos are all in Papiamentu. The English version of the video wil be shown on our facebook page.
Merel Notten of ‘Pajaro Negro Productions’ was responsible for the filming and production of the videos.
Cargill donated funds for the production of the series.