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STINAPA supports Virgin of the Valley celebrations

Virgen del Valle celebration was big this year and STINAPA participated with marine park boats.
Virgen del Valle is the patron saint of fishermen and other seafarers, many of whom took part in this celebration. Each year, the day of this saint is celebrated, and this year was better than ever. STINAPA, for the first time, also participated in the celebrations with 2 marine park vessels.
The statue of the Virgen del Valle was placed on a boat which sailed across from Sorobon to Cai. When the boat with the statue reached there the other boats circled around, after which they sailed back to Sorobon to receive the blessing of the Patron Saint. Afterwards there were drinks and snacks.
It was a very nice experience to see all the fishing boats, fishermen with their family and friends, coastguard and also the government pilot boat, take part in this celebration.
Next year STINAPA will take part again in this wonderful tradition.

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