Washington Park News

Celebrating Clifford Cicilia’s 20th anniversary with STINAPA

On November 1st Clifford Cicilia celebrated his 20th anniversary as a Washigton Park ranger at STINAPA.
On December 11th there was a celebration barbacue at the Wasington Park together with his colleagues and family.’
Chief Ranger George Thode (Kultura) says: “At the time that Cliff started working with STINAPA he felt right at home. Cliff had a lot of interest in the birds of the park and wanted to gain more knowledge on this topic. Cliff consequently went to the states to follow a course on birds”.
Kultura also said that Cliff is an entusiastic worker who’s always ready to do what needs to be done.
All Cliff’s colleagues wish him all the best and appreciate his work for Bonaire’s nature. Congratulations Cliff!!