Treeplanting Festival 2017 – Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation


Treeplanting Festival 2017

On Friday November 24 the 8th Treeplanting Festival will take place at the Washington Slagbaai National Park from 8.30 to 10.30am.

About 300 students from the 3rd grade of all primary schools will be planting about 100 endemic tree at the entrance of the park.

During the past weeks, the coordinator of STINAPA’s education department , Desiree Croes, visited all the schools and informed the students on why it is so important to plant trees. The students were taught a song about treeplanting as well, to be sang before the planting of the trees. The students were requested to draw and color a fantasy tree of their liking. The drawings were collected and brought to the STINAPA office where the STINAPA staff picked out the winners of each school. A poster for will be made of the best drawing.

The overall winner is Izahyr from Kolegio Rayo di Solo, 2nd place Andrea from Pelikaan School and 3rd place Zales from Kolegio San Luis Bertran.