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University of Maine conducting research of Bonaire’s coral reef

(Kralendijk, 21 march 2019) — University of Maine’s professor Steneck is back on Bonaire to conduct the biennial survey of the coral reefs and the fish that live in our reefs. This past year there has been a lot of conversation about coral. Being that some issues has presented in various area of the world regarding corals. For this reason it is important to have updated information continuously of the status of your underwater park specifically some important components like the coral reefs.

This year Stinapa is celebrating 40 years of the Marine Park, and as you may know Bonaire is known as one of the best diving spots in the world. For Stinapa it is important to protect the beauty that we have, with issues like climate change and pollution it is essential to continuously monitor all the living organisms in and around our marine park. This is to make sure we have many more years of a beautiful marine park.


Professor Steneck and his group of researchers have conducted various dives in order to observe our fish and coral. They conducted these dives at the following sites: Calbas, Front Porch (Coco’s), Oil Slick, Forest, Barcadera, Reef Scientifico, 18th Palm (Plaza), Bachelor Beach, Windsock, Karpata, and also in the Rei Willem-Alexander Marine Reserve. The Stinapa nature team with the lead of biologist Caren Eckrich and marine biologist Roxanne Fransisca, supervised the dives; especially in the areas that are usually prohibited to enter.

On Friday march 22 Professor Steneck gave a presentation at DCNA office of the preliminary results of the studies conducted. Comparing information from last visit to Bonaire in 2017 and new discoveries of the team. The report will be released, once they finish the research.

This was a great visit from the team and we are looking forward to all the new information that the team wil supply us with. We also would like to thank all the partners that help make this trip possible for this team.

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