Washington Slagbaai National Park Activities: Car tour, Birdwatching and Nature Study 2019-03-26T07:18:19-04:00


Car touring

The majority of our visitors enjoy driving around the park and seeing the fantastic scenery. The long route takes about two hours and there are 20 highlights explained in the brochure, including bird watching spots, beaches, saltpans with flamingos, blowholes and historic sites. The park has 34 km (21 miles) of dirt roads. You can choose the long route (the most points of interest are on that route), or the short route. We do not recommend entering the park with a standard passenger car; most are too low to the ground to pass safely over the rocky roads. The latest in the day that a car is permitted to enter the Park is at 14:45 pm.

Bird watching

About 210 species of birds have been spotted on Bonaire, although some of these are migratory and can only be observed at certain times of the year. The Park is one of the best places on the island for observing birds, due to its remoteness and also the many types of habitat it includes: salt-flats, fresh water wells, beaches, limestone plateaus by the shoreline and thorny forests.

The “stars” of Bonaire bird watching are the flamingo and the endemic parrot, Amazona barbadensis rothschildi, better known locally as the “Lora”. Both of them can be seen at the park.

There are guides on Bonaire who specialize in bird watching. We highly recommend that you contact one of them before going birding in the park.

Nature study

For those with a special interest in natural science, the Park offers possibilities for bird watching, observation of very interesting geological formations and processes, and a few endemic species of flora and fauna.