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The Park features three trails. All three trails have orientation signs to guide you. We do not recommend that anyone hike alone. Remember to bring adequate shoes, socks, sunglasses, a hat, and plenty of water! You will be more comfortable if you are in light clothing when you are in direct sunlight.

The Kasikunda Climbing Trail
Accessibility: intermediate
Start: at the Park’s Visitor Center
Duration: 45 minutes

The Kasikunda Climbing Trail is a climb to the top of a volcanic hill. Its level of difficulty is high because of the uneven terrain and also the steepness of the climb. However, those who meet this challenge will be rewarded with the best view of North Bonaire, all the way from Malmok to Spelonk. The interpretation signs along the way explain some of the natural processes of the island.

The Lagadishi (“Lizard”) Walking Trail
Accessibility: easy
Start: at the Park’s Visitor Center
Duration: 2 hours

The Lagadishi walking trail brings you on a limestone plateau that provides you with a complete spectrum of Bonairian windward scenery: historic sites, xerophytic vegetation (plants such as cactus, which are adapted to dry habitat), sand dunes, mangroves, a salt pan (a shallow seawater lake, which evaporates seasonally leaving a residue of salt), blowholes, and a true oceanic beach are some of the components of this trail. Flamingos are frequently seen in the saltpan. Interpretation signs are provided on this trail.

The Subí Brandaris Trail
Accessibility: difficult
Start: the base of the Brandaris hill
Duration: 1,5 hours

The Subí Brandaris Trail is a hike to the highest peak on Bonaire, 241 m (784 ft.) high. This is a medium-difficulty climb, and the view from the top is a really fantastic reward for making the trip. On a clear day you can see the island of Curaçao and, on exceptionally clear days, the Santa Ana Hill in the Paraguaná Peninsula of Venezuela, and the mountain range south of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.

Unlike the other trails, the Subí Brandaris trail does not start at the Visitor Center of the Park; you need a vehicle to enter the Park and take you to the base of the hill.

Hikers to the Brandaris are required to be at the Park before noon: Begin your hike early in the morning; the cooler temperatures are more comfortable for hikers and the resident animals are more likely to be seen.

Guided Hikes

Once a month the park organizes also a guided hike. They are usually led by two rangers of the WSNP Park. The hikes vary from easy to difficult and will be announced via Facebook and the events page.

Participants: Max 20 persons
Costs: $10 p.p
Age: Minimum of 10 years. Minors should be accompanied by an adult.

Brandaris hike
What: Morning hike
When: from 5:30 – 9:30, total of 4 hours.
Accessibility: difficult

Brandaris hike
What: Evening hike
When: from 16:00 – 20:00, total of 4 hours.
Accessibility: difficult

Mundi sud
What: Morning hike
When: 5:45 – 8:00, total of 2 hours.
Accessibility: easy

Full moon hike
What: Full moon hike
When: from 19:00 tot 21:00, total of 2 hours.
Accessibility: easy