Washington Slagbaai National Park Activities: Water activities 2019-03-26T07:18:36-04:00



The shoreline from Boka Bartol to Boka Slagbaai is one of the most beautiful shorelines of the island. The limestone terrace protects the shore from strong winds, making the water calm and transparent. There are many bokas and playas (inlets and little beaches), some inaccessible except from the water, where you can stop and rest or maybe do some snorkeling.

Other areas along the shoreline of Washington-Slagbaai National Park are not recommended for kayaking due to the likelihood of strong winds and currents, and very large breaking waves.

As always, remember to bring plenty of drinking water, and use sunscreen and a hat.

The Park does not provide kayaks.

SCUBA diving

Shore diving in the Park is just as easy as shore diving elsewhere around Bonaire with an added advantage: the sites are less visited because of their remoteness. If you are planning to dive in the Park make sure to come early: dives should begin before 2:30 pm, so you should enter the Park no later than 1:00 pm if you intend to SCUBA dive. See the Bonaire National Marine Park dive map for more information on the dive sites in the Park or refer to the book Shore Diving on Bonaire by Jesse Armacost, available for sale at the Park.

Snorkeling and swimming

The west shore of the Park has many beaches where you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming. Because the Park is remote, we do not recommend snorkeling or swimming alone.

The cooling seawater does not filter out the sun’s burning rays. Before you enter the water, put on sunscreen on your back, and especially the back of your legs.