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World Ranger Day – Stand With the World’s Rangers

World Ranger Day – Stand With the World’s Rangers

On Tuesday July 31 we celebrate the World Ranger Day. On this date we celebrate the work of the rangers worldwide and also commemorate rangers killed or injured while protecting nature.

Nature is under a great amount of pressure globally. A big variety of different species is gone, destrcution of nature is taking place daily, climate change is menacing and there are crimes being committed against nature on a daily basis.

The tasks of our rangers is not easy. They have to defend our nature for now and the future. The way that our rangers execute their daily task is not very clear and popular for our community. Their task is to make sure that you, your children and the next generation will also be able to enjoy our nature. This motivates our rangers to get out each and every day to do their daily tasks.

On the occasion of the World Ranger Day STINAPA Bonaire expresses its appresiation to all rangers arounf the world and off course to its own colleagues, STINAPA Bonaire’s own Rangers!

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