Camping at Washington Slagbaai

There is no better way to experience the park than to stay in one of the historical Slagbaai houses. Camp under the stars and wake to the sun glistening off the water!

Reserving a cabin

There are three historical buildings which can be reserved for camping.

Each house can be reserved for $80 per night excluding entrance fee and a $100 deposit. In addition, each house comes with a private restroom, shower, kitchen sink and running water (not for consumption). Occupancy per house can vary, see below for details.

  • Check out the cabin options and make a choice
  • Choose a cabin
  • Choose your dates (camping only possible in weekends)
  • e-mail or call +599 7178444 for reservations

You will receive a reservation receipt e-mail. Once your reservation is confirmed you will receive another e-mail with payment instructions.

Cabin 1: Mangazina

This is the biggest house of them all, it’s split into two large areas. A maximum of 20 people can stay here.

It has attached bathroom and showers and kitchen area.

Cabin 2: Kas Molina

This one is right in the middle of the other two houses. A maximum of 15 people can stay here. It has attached toilets and showers and kitchen area.

There is running water that is not safe for consumption in any way.

Cabin 3: Jeugd Centrum

This house is located all the way to the left side. A maximum of 15 can stay here.

The kitchen area is attached, however the toilets and shower are not (between the mangazina and Kas di Molina houses).

There is running water, however not safe for consumption in any way.

Park rules

  • Do not bring any animals or plants into the National Park. They can become invasive, threatening the local species.
  • Use the trash receptacles for litter. Take care that nothing harmful to the environment is left behind.
  • Do not play loud music or behave in a noisy manner, particularly near the saltpans. Birds, especially flamingos, are sensitive to disruption.
  • Swimming, fishing or kayaking are not permitted in the salt pans.
  • Capturing, harassing, killing and/or disturbing any of the animals or plants is prohibited.
  • Do not feed the animals as this will alter their natural behaviour.
  • Do not take pictures inside the caves. Flash photography is a hazard to wildlife.
  • Only four-wheeled motor vehicles, with a spare tire, are allowed. Roads are one way with a speed limit of 25 km/hr.
  • Do not build fires or discard matches or cigarettes as dry vegetation in the park is sensitive to bush fires. Building fires in only allowed in the charcoal barbecue pits at Slagbaai.
  • No weapons or animal traps (including fishing nets) are permitted in the park.
  • Dives should begin before 2:30pm to allow enough time for visitors to leave the park by 5:00pm

Don't forget

Pay your nature fee

The Stinapa Bonaire nature fee is mandatory for all users of the Bonaire National Marine Park and the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Valid per calendar year JAN-DEC

Pay your nature fee